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DreamBuilders: Our May Mission Trip

From May 15-21, 2022, seven DreamBuilders missioners from several member religious organizations (Ascension, Christ, St. Mark’s, Temple Isaiah, and Trinity) traveled to Puerto Rico to help with the renovation of a home damaged in Hurricane Maria. This was the first DreamBuilders mission trip since before COVID.

We worked in San Juan on a home owned by 44-year-old Kaisy Ramírez París and her 16-year-old son. Kaisy was eight months old when her family moved into the home. When asked about her favorite memories of the house, Kaisy answered: “I am the second of five siblings; we all grew up together in this house. We had a lot of friends, so my house was always full of neighborhood kids. It was the center of gatherings. I will always cherish my childhood memories in my house.”

During Hurricane Maria, the roof leaked and the place flooded. Kaisy Has been waiting five years for the renovation! DreamBuilders worked with SBP Puerto Rico during the week. Our tasks included painting the interior and exterior of the home, cleaning up trash and debris from the yard and laying ceramic tile in the bathroom and bedrooms. It was hot and humid, but SPB provided fans to keep us cool while we worked. We visited Old Town San Juan where we had invited our SBP partners to a dinner as a “Thank You!” for their wonderful support of our work and to continue to build relationships with them begun during the week. Plus, some of us even got to the beach after work!

The SBP leadership was very complimentary of our work and enthusiasm. Kike (pronounced “Key-Kay”) Garcia, the SBP house project leader, said, “Working with DreamBuilders volunteers was an example to follow. They are full of energy and wisdom, with hearts to serve and help. Thank you!” According to KiKe, the project is now ahead of schedule, with completion scheduled before the end of June.

Bottom line: very successful trip and it’s great to be back doing what our Lord asks of us: to help those in need.


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