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DreamBuilders in Action!

The current health crisis has effectively prevented many people from going about their regular activities, and although helping people in need has also proven to be more challenging, it is still very much needed. DreamBuilders, one of Christ Church's outreach ministries, has developed a new way to help the community. Although they've had to cancel one of their regular activities - an annual trip that's used to help rebuild homes for those in need - their energies and talents are currently being used to build desks for students who might need a place to study while attending school at home this next academic year. A need that didn't widely exist in past years has now become a necessity for most, and DreamBuilders are stepping up to provide a hand-built sanctuary of study for those in the Howard County area who need them. Outreach in action... thank you, DreamBuilders!

Watch the video below for the story:

To learn more about DreamBuilders, or to volunteer or donate, please visit, and to learn about Christ Church's other Outreach ministries, email us at


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