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Lenten Meditation for Today: God’s Peace

When we turn on the TV news or open the newspaper, we are bombarded with news of wars, natural disasters, political discourse, and gun violence. It is all rather frightening.

Each morning, I get up and go to my kitchen to prepare my breakfast. I fill my kettle with water for tea, I open my cupboards and fridge for the food I want. As I do this, looking out of my window at the beautiful, natural scene around me, I often reflect on how fortunate I am. I do not have to walk some distance with a pot on my head to collect water. I do not have to scrabble in the earth searching for roots to eat. I can go to the shops anytime and buy what food I want. I do not have to find a male relative to accompany me. I do not have to worry that some of my hair or skin is exposed leading to the danger of a beating or worse. I do not have to worry about being bombed. I was able to go to university without fear so I can now enjoy the lifestyle I have in my lovely home that protects me from all weathers. I do not know the fear and agony of hunger and homelessness.

All these are blessings bestowed on me by the grace of God. These blessings anchor me so I can live my life full of gratitude and free of rancor. Whenever I feel afraid or angry I remember God’s grace and the element of peace this gives me. I hope this helps me to be a kinder person who can share that sense of peace. Calm me O Lord as you stilled the storm. Still me O Lord, keep me from harm. Let all tumult within me cease, Enfold me, Lord, within your peace.

~a prayer by an anonymous writer

~Submitted by Cheryl

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