Our Parish Life

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Our Christ Church family is proudly varied and vibrant, and these wonderful qualities are reflected in the many activities and gatherings at church, and around our community.

From weekly and monthly groups to once-a-year special occasions, good reasons to get together and celebrate life with one another are plentiful.

Christ Church has several ways to keep people informed on the latest news, events, and services.

Our weekly "Christ Church Gatherings" email provides the details of the coming week, and contains the Sunday Ministry Schedule and other vital information.

And each month, we publish our "Gathered Together" newsletter for a broader scope of goings-on, as well as a view of activities further ahead.

If you are interested in receiving either of these, please let us know. We'll add you to our list.

Also keep an eye on our Parish News page.

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Kathy Clark - counsel of commissions tea
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