Spiritual Life Commission

The purpose of Spiritual Life Commission is to provide nourishment for our souls and ways to strengthen our faith over the Church year. Our group organizes the weekly Prayers of the People by members of the congregation for the Sunday services, provides an annual inspirational theme for the Parish, sponsors an Advent Quiet Day, a Christmas Party in Old Brick, a Lenten Reflection Day, a 5 week Wednesday Night Lenten Supper Series with invited speakers, and a Weekend Family Retreat in October at the DuPont Center in Rehoboth Delaware.

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The SLC also assembles an annual Lenten Meditation Book of: prayers, songs, stories of faith, poems and selected passages or quotes that have touched our spirits. These are submitted by many in our congregation and are posted daily during Lent on the Christ Church website. We also host Home Bible Conversations to delve into the upcoming Lectionary readings or a favorite book selection. We hope to encourage each other in our journeys as Christians in a changing world.

The 2017 Spiritual Life Commission theme is “PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT FEAR”, which forms the foundation of our Lenten Meditation Series.