Prayers of the People for Sunday May 29th, 2016


(written by members of Christ Episcopal Church)

Our Lord promises steadfast love for all people who hold Him in their hearts and walk in His ways.  Solomon prayed that all nations be filled with awe for the one true God, full of majesty and power, who extends the gift of a divine relationship to the whole world.    

Declare His glory among the Nations.

May we all come to realize the magnificence of our Lord, the king of creation, and lord of heaven, who offers saving grace and deep joy to all who seek Him.

 Proclaim the Good News.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, honoring the sacrifice of many in service to their country, let us work together to preserve our Union, to respect the dignity of all people and to forge a community of many races, ethnicities and religions. Today we honor those in the Armed Services, who endeavor to secure peace, to resolve conflict and to maintain freedom.

Lord, bless our country and guide our leaders.

We pray for the unity and hopefulness of the worldwide Church. We ask the Lord’s blessing for the churches in the Anglican Communion, and especially the Anglican Centre in Rome. In the Diocese of Maryland we pray for Memorial, Bolton Hill; St. Bartholomew’s, Baltimore; and St. James, Baltimore. We pray for God’s blessings upon all visitors or newcomers with us today, as our community is enriched by their presence.

Lord, we worship with gladness and gratitude.

We extend our caring thoughts and prayers to all who struggle with illness or disability, that they would receive strength and a healing touch from our Lord, especially ___. May we all reach out to help those in our community of faith, in our families and in our neighborhoods, who need our time, love and encouragement to meet the physical and emotional challenges in their lives.

Lord, we place our trust in YOU.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We remember those who have died and entered into Your eternal light, especially___.  May we comfort their families and friends who are grieving and surround them with our love.

Lord, You are our Sustainer and Redeemer.

Today we give thanks for the occasions of joy in our parish.  We pause to congratulate two of our very senior members of our congregation celebrating their 95th and 96th birthdays. We give thanks for their longevity, their wonderful spirits and the love that they bestow. We give thanks for all the birthdays, wedding and baptismal anniversaries. We are blest with the lives of all our Church family.

Lord, Your grace abounds.