Prayers of the People for Sunday April 24th, 2016



Dear God, you are a better friend than anyone of us could ask for.  You help to guide us in times of need and congratulate us in times of celebration. You ask us to love one another as you love us, but sometimes we fall short. Then when we do, you guide us back to the right path and for that we thank you.  For the challenges we face now, we ask “Lord hear our prayer”

We pray for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. Help them to know that they are strong, even when they feel weak. Help us to see them with Your eyes, to look past the masks people wear, and to know when someone needs a smile or a helping hand.  We pray to the Lord, “Lord hear our prayer”

We pray for the strength to love others, as You love us. Help us to overcome our human tendency to judge others by how they look, what they wear, what they believe, or where they come from, just as we do not want to be judged.  We pray to the Lord, “Lord hear our prayer”

Even though we often have way too much homework, we pray for children around the world who cannot afford to go to school, or have to work instead of getting an education. Help us to remember that we are blessed, and give us the power, through education, to help others.  We pray to the Lord, “Lord hear our prayer”

We pray for The Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East,  St. Mark’s-on-the-Hill, Pikesville; St. Thomas’, Owings Mills. We pray for our congregation at Christ Church. We ask for your guidance as we search for a new rector. Though change is often difficult we pray that the process is peaceful, and that we can find someone who truly cares for our parish. We pray for Father John as he leads us through this time of change. We pray for all churches as they strive to teach God’s word in many different ways, and we pray especially for those who cannot worship openly for fear of their personal safety.  We pray to the Lord, “Lord hear our prayer”

We pray for those who are sick, and we simply ask You to make them better, whether in this life or the next. We ask you to walk beside all who struggle and help them on their journey, and to give us the strength to walk with them as well. We pray to the Lord, “Lord hear our prayer”

We pray especially for those affected by earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador and all victims of natural disasters. We pray for all who have died. Welcome them into Your home, the place where you promise there will be no more death, mourning, crying or pain. We ask for strength for the loved ones left behind, that through their love we can all continue to celebrate the lives of those who have gone before us.  We pray to the Lord, “Lord hear our prayer”

Lord you celebrate with us all the happy events of our lives. We pray for all those in our church family who celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or other joyous occasions. Help us to remember to not only pray to You just in times of trouble, but to Thank You for all the joy in our lives.  We pray to the Lord, “Lord hear our prayer”

Father, we thank you for listening to our prayers. We know you hear us and always answer our prayers, even though sometimes the answer is not what we hoped for. Be with us as we strive to Love One Another as You Have Loved Us. From the very beginning of your church You invited everyone, even the Gentiles, to follow You. We are grateful that your Love for us does not have conditions, and is poured upon us even when we don’t deserve it, simply for believing in You. “Amen”

~written by the youth group of Christ Episcopal Church