The Prayers of the People for Sunday April 10th, 2016


On this third Sunday of the Easter season, we continue to celebrate the triumph of our Risen Lord.  The Book of Revelation sings to us of the Lamb to whom belongs the blessing, honor, glory and might, forevermore.
And in the Acts, the once blind Saul has been given new vision and a mission as a proclaimer of the Good News.  Peter, too, has been commissioned by his Risen Lord to feed His lambs and tend His sheep.
What does our Risen Lord require of us, who have been reborn through baptism and made His forever?  Let us open our eyes and lift up our hearts to our Lord, saying:  Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.

We pray for those who minister to us in Your Name, especially, Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Eugene and Chilton, our bishops; John, our Interim Rector; Richard and James, our retired priests; and Robert, our seminarian.  We pray for all our brothers and sisters throughout Your world. In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, we lift up The Church of Ireland.  In the Diocese of Maryland, we pray for Ascension, Westminster, Immanuel, Glencoe and St. George’s, Hampstead. Together, we pray, saying:  I will exalt You, O Lord, because You have lifted me up.

We pray for our President, Barack, and all leaders throughout our troubled world.  Give them the wisdom and understanding they need to do Your work for the good of all Your children.  We lift our voices, saying:   Let them see with Your eyes and fill them with Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, we remember our brothers and sisters who suffer in mind, body, or spirit, the poor, the imprisoned, the lonely, the despairing, and all caregivers.  In our church community, we pray for __ and those you now name.  Give them strength and restore them as we lift them up, saying:  O Lord, have mercy upon them and be their Helper.

We look to our Risen Lord as we remember those who have entered life eternal, especially __ and those you now name.  Surround those who mourn with Your love and give them solace, as we say:  I will exalt You, O Lord, because You have lifted me up.

With grateful hearts, we celebrate the joyous occasions of our church family, including baptismal anniversaries, birthdays, and wedding anniversaries.   We rejoice, saying:  My heart sings to you without ceasing; O Lord my God, I will give You thanks forever.

Risen Lord, to whom belongs blessing and honor, glory and might forever; send us out, like Ananias, to proclaim Your truth, to comfort and restore.  So strengthen us in our faith, that both upon rising in the morning
and retiring with weariness in the evening, we may yet respond with a resounding:  Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.   Amen.


~written by the members of Christ Episcopal Church