Prayers of the People for Sunday June 26th, 2016


Live by the Spirit. Be guided by the Spirit. This morning’s scripture lays out the path that Jesus teaches us and instructs us to follow. May each one of us, every morning, start our day remembering the path Jesus calls us to walk in faith.

Through times of joy and times of trouble may we live our lives each day in the Spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Lord Jesus, we will follow you.

Welcome to each of you who are new or are visiting with us and joining us in worship this morning. We are blessed by your presence.  Lord Jesus, we will follow you.

We pray for our country. We solemnly pray for your healing presence in our world. We pray for our President, Barak. We pray for our Church, for our Presiding Bishop, Michael, our Bishop, Eugene, our Assisting Bishop, Chilton, for our Rector, John and for our Rector Emeritus, James. We remember, in our Diocese, St. John’s Ellicott City, St. Mark’s Highland, and St. Mary’s Woodlawn. In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we lift up in prayer The United Church of Pakistan. Spirit of the Living God, lead us, guide us and be with us each day.

For those who are ill, for those who suffer in mind, in body or in spirit, for those who hunger, for those who are persecuted, we devoutly pray, especially for___ and those you now name____. Lord and Savior, we will follow you in love, we will hear your voice and we will serve you in this world.

We pray for those whom you have carried home to eternal rest, especially those we name, __.  In you there is life everlasting; in you there is eternal life for our souls. Hold closely, Lord, those who grieve and suffer loss. May they trust in you alone and may they know that higher than their sight and higher than their life you are beside them as they heal. Lord God, our healing is in you. We will follow you.

We give thanks for all the occasions for celebration in our lives and together we joyfully remember Birthdays and Anniversaries of Weddings and Baptisms. Especially this morning we rejoice in all birthdays and anniversariesIn you Lord, there is joy unending. We give thanks for blessing our lives with times of celebration.

May we live by the Spirit. My we carry, in our hearts, our hands and our lives, your gifts of love, joy, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness and gentleness and with those priceless gifts, may we, each and every day,  serve you in this world.

” I will follow you, Lord.”   


(written by members of Christ Episcopal Church)