Prayers of the People for Sunday June 12th, 2016

We Are The World

God has given us so much, but it is easy for us to take it for granted. We may be tempted to believe that we deserve to receive those gifts, or that we deserve even more. David was guilty of that presumption in today’s lesson, and when Nathan confronted him, he was horrified to realize how ungrateful and unjust he had become.  We should recognize the bountiful gifts God has given us because he loves us, and not because we are deserving of them. We pray, Thank you Lord, for Your love and the many gifts You have given us.


We give a warm welcome to those who are new to Christ Church and those who are visiting this morning.  We thank you for sharing in our worship and we look forward to meeting you.


We pray for our Church Leadership: for Michael, our Presiding Bishop; for Eugene and Chilton, our Bishops; for our Priest, John, for our retired priests, Richard and James and for our Seminarian Robert.  In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer we remember the Church of Nigeria; Christ Church, Columbia; Christ the King, Woodlawn; Grace Church, Elkridge.  We pray for Your holy church and all who worship in it.


Today we celebrate our high school and college graduates, the teachers and families who have nurtured them through the years to this momentous achievement. As they transition to college or a profession, we pray the Holy Spirit continues to guide these children of God to their bright future in Your service.   We pray, Lord, gently guide Your servants as they embark on Your Path.


We pray for all those who are ill in mind, body or spirit, and those who care for them.  We keep the residents and staff of Springfield Hospital in our prayers.  We pray this week especially for [_] and those you now name [_].  We pray also for those whose needs are known only to You.  We pray, Lord, may your healing touch ease their pain and restore them.


We ask God to accept in his loving arms all those who have departed this life, especially [_]   and those you now name. [_]   We pray for all who mourn them that they may heal in the warmth of your love.   We pray, Thank you Jesus, for the gift of eternal life.


We are thankful for the many occasions we have to celebrate.  We rejoice with all those members of our church family who are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones.   We pray, Thank you Lord for the blessings in our lives.


Summer is almost here – a time for relaxation, for regrowth, for the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze.   It can be hectic too, as we try to fit in all the fun activities while maintaining the requirements of our lives.   We need to pause in the midst of all this action, and appreciate the joys of this season.  We pray, Lord, may I never stop seeing You in the bounty, goodness and joy of summer. 


(written by members of Christ Episcopal Church)