Prayers of the People for Sunday July 10, 2016


Give us deepening faith that as we ask, “What do you want us to do?”’   We can also grow in trust that you are shaping our lives to bring love and healing into the world.  Lord hear our prayer!

Help us to live our finite lives fully in your infinite love and compassion.  Lord hear our prayer!

Give us grace, strength and guidance during challenging times.  May we learn to be more thankful than complaining so that we can know the fullness of your joy and blessings in our lives.  Lord hear our prayer!

We pray for the leaders of this community, our country and the world.  We pray that all leaders will lead with love and caring for their people.  In particular, we pray for Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Eugene and Chilton our Bishops; John, our Interim Rector; and Robert, our Seminarian.  We ask our Lord’s blessing on the parishes in the Diocese of Maryland: Trinity, Elkridge; All Hallow’s, Davidsonville; All Saints, Sunderland.   In the Anglican cycle of prayer we remember the Episcopal Church in the Philippines.   Lord hear our prayer!

We give thanks for the visitors and newcomers who worship with us today at Christ Church. Their presence is a gift to our community of faith and we pray your blessings upon their visit.  Lord hear our prayer!

Send your loving spirit to uplift those most in need of your comfort.  To those experiencing illness or need we remember especially __ and those we now name. We also hold up in prayer, those who have died, especially__.    For those who feel the pain of separation and grief, send them comfort and knowledge that in your body there is no death, but rather completeness and perfection.  We profess our faith to you.  Lord hear our prayer!

Remember us according to your love and for the sake of your goodness, O Lord.  Protect us from the many evils of this world both within ourselves and without.  Protect our children as they grow and enter into adulthood.  Help each of us take off blinders that prevent us from knowing how close you are and that you desire our happiness and joy.   May the Holy Spirit always guide us bringing peace and joy all our days!

With joy we remember our anniversaries.  For those who touch our lives and reveal the image of Christ; for those who celebrate birthdays remembering especially __.  Bless all of us as we go through this week to remember that we are united by your son Jesus Christ and you promise to never leave us or forsake us.  May we continue to grow in faith, hearing the words of Jesus and living them every day.  Our faith in you, Lord, makes all things possible. 


(written by members of Christ Episcopal Church)