Meditation : Prayer To Love God And Neighbor

St-Anselm2We love Thee O, our God;

And we desire to love Thee more and more.

Grant to us that we may love Thee as much as we desire, and as much as we ought.

O Dearest Friend, who has so loved and saved us,

The thought of whom is so sweet and always growing sweeter,

Come with Christ and Dwell in our hearts;

Then thou will keep a watch over our lips, our steps, our deeds,

And we shall not need to be anxious either for our souls or our bodies.

Give us love, sweetest of all gifts, which knows no enemy.

Give us in our hearts pure love born of thy love to us

That we may love others as thou lovest us.

O most loving Father of Jesus Christ, from whom floweth all love,

Let our hearts frozen in sin, cold to Thee and cold to others, be warmed by this divine fire.

So help and bless us in thy Son.



-St. Anselm; translated by James F. Clarke