An Advent Message from Father Manny

Advent – An Invitation Into The Future Of God.
With glee and excitement hidden within our anticipation, we look expectantly forward to a season which takes us into the very depth of what it means to be invited to be a part of God’s future. It is a future we crave for, mainly because it is one in which we come to realize that it is a really big deal to be a human being. It is a future designed to assure all that no human being is disposable. I am sure most of you have read stories about the modern slave trade in Libya. An African-American friend I met in law school sent me a text the other day inquiring about what is going on in Libya, and if there is something that America or the United Nations can do about it. There’s a lot that we can all do about it, but our action will depend on whether we believe that others belong to the future of God.
It is incredibly appalling that in our 21st Century world, we still read and hear stories that we thought had long been buried with time. But it appears that time is like a cycle, rewinding itself and visiting us once more with the debris of the past. Maybe, just maybe, Advent presents us with the opportunity to consider our future as being a part of the future of God. For ours may not be actual selling of people who are trying to escape Africa for Europe, but our approach to human dignity may be uniquely similar to the man busily selling others. God’s future begins with the story of a little baby who could not even save himself but dares to offer salvation and proffers dignity on all.
In Advent, we look with hope to welcome into our lives and our world, the Word which cannot speak a word. God’s future will be revealed in a Word which can only cry in anguish over the discomfort that comes with not being able to say a word for reasons of being a baby. Many a slave’s cry in anguish over a world that has failed them. They may hear the cry of the Word which dwells deep within each of us, and which promises God’s future as one in which none is disposable.
Advent is about a hopeful future. We await the birth of the God who dared to become human — wonderful story, wonderful mystery. Dare we refuse the invitation to be a part of this life-changing story? I wouldn’t, and I hope you wouldn’t either.
Happy Advent.
– Manny.