Meditation : Love God, Love Your Neighbor


I began writing this meditation by asking myself some questions.  Just what does loving God look like?  Does it mean loving everything that life throws at me?  Can I love God if I don’t love all others unconditionally, without judgment?  Do I love God if I have trouble loving myself?  Can I act myself into right believing or must right belief always precede right actions?

There are people within our Christ Church family who, for me, truly embody what loving God and loving one’s neighbors means.   I am humbled by their examples and deeply grateful for their presence in my life. I have felt their love for me and have witnessed their love of God.    Their love and faith have carried me through some extremely difficult times. Compared to them, I fall very short in the loving God, loving my neighbor department. This Lent offers the opportunity to meditate on what it means to truly love God and my neighbor and how I can change my life so that I am sincerely living out that love. Along the way, I have fellow parishioners as models.