Christ Church’s Spiritual Life Theme For Our Next Ministry Year

Each year, the Spiritual Life Commission of Christ Episcopal Church selects a theme for us to use throughout our Church Ministry Year, which runs from September through early June. The theme serves as a guide during our walk with Christ, and helps us think about our lives and responsibilities as Christians in a different way.

The theme for 2017/2018 is “The Joy Of The Lord Is Our Strength”, which we adapted from the Book of Nehemiah.

Identifying our new theme each year is a task we deeply value and, as always, we have prayerfully and carefully considered our theme for this important and very special year ahead during which Christ Church will call our next Rector. We thank our truly exceptional Interim Rector, The Reverend W. Earl Mullins, for joining us in our planning meeting.

Throughout the year, Christ Episcopal Church will introduce events and gatherings that help spread this year’s theme, so stay tuned!