Ugandan Library

This ministry collects and sends gently used books to an Ugandan Orphanage so that the children have access to materials that will help them learn to read. This project has raised funds to pay the salary of the librarian, built strong shelves to hold the books, and cover the shipping costs of donated items. In addition to accepting donations of used books, we make regular trips to the Book Thing in Baltimore, collecting additional books.  We continue to collect books from all sources and hope you will keep this project in mind if you are planning to weed out books that would be suitable for either children or adults.

Here is the list of items we can accept


Hardcover and paperback, new and used books in English are needed for school children ages 3-18 years old to stock a library in order to promote and encourage literacy and education.

Books for the younger children (3-6)

  • Picture books, that teach alphabet, numbers colors, shapes, etc
  • Story books illustrated with pictures for beginning readers (these can be for different reading levels)

Books for ages 7-10

  • Chapter books, fiction and non-fiction

Books for ages 11 and up

  • Upper reading level chapter books, fiction and non-fiction
  • Novels   (these have to be screened for language)

Additional Books

Besides collecting books to promote literacy and reading, the library can use books that supplement instruction. These are books that are not necessarily the same as the textbooks, but books that the library can lend out to the students. Here is a proposed list of those types of books. Before donating these books, please check the copy write date to ensure the information is still relevant and timely.
  • Science books (examples could be, “How Plants Grow” or “How Magnets Work”).
  • General Social Studies books (e.g. “People and places of other parts of the world” — books that can help children learn about places and people of other parts of the world. Usually the textbooks cover specific geographical areas).
  • Dictionaries; especially paperback version that students can borrow.
  • Any reference books that might aid the teachers in their class preparations.

Books and other items we cannot collect at this time

  • Reference books
  • Political books—books that teach or discuss politics and government
  • Religious books—books with any kind of religious affiliation
  • No Magazines at this time
  • No Videos or DVDs
  • Games, either electronic or board

Other ways to participate

Christ Church will gladly accept financial contributions which will help with the cost of shipping books. Checks should be made out to Christ Church with “Library” in the memo line. Volunteers will also be welcomed as we sort through donations, and assemble them for shipping.