Meditation : That’s My Seat


Where do you sit each Sunday in church?  In the front near the altar, mid-way, or in the back? We, like other animals, are creatures of habit and head for “our seats” each Sunday. We plan for Christmas and Easter services to get to church early so we can claim “our usual seats” before the crowd flows in. This is well and good until we discover that somebody else has taken our seats! We are then forced to look around and find another seat–maybe taking someone else’s “my seat.” Could we be missing something by not sitting somewhere else once in while and meeting and greeting people we don’t see often or people who are visiting?

I have often thought a perfect April Fool’s joke on the Rector would be to tell ask everybody to sit on a different side and row in the church next Sunday and watch the Rector’s reaction.  For you see he, too, counts on seeing us in “our seats” and knows where to look if he has the Eucharist box in his hands and is looking for the person going to visit a parishioner.

No matter which seat you are in on Sunday, remember you are in God’s house and with God’s people, so rejoice and be glad.