Meditation : Prayer Time


As children most of us were accustomed to saying our nightly prayers before we were tucked in for the night by a parent.  Now as adults we still are called to daily prayer, but how to find the time with all the activities of the day, all the electronic gadgets that beep for our attention?

I find that “praying on the fly” works best for me; these are short (one or two sentences) prayers as I go about my day. In the car when I see or hear the firetruck or rescue squad, I say a prayer for the rescuers and the people in need of help. I thank God when I see one of his furry creatures make it safely across the road, or see a splendid sunset, or read about an earthquake. These short “arrow prayers” work best for me since my attention span, maybe like yours, is short. You might find that “arrow” prayers work for you, too.