Meditation : Leaning On The Heart Of God

I am leaning on the heart of God.

I am resting there in silence.

All the turmoil that exhausts me

is brought to bear on ths great love.

No resistance or complaint is heard

as  I lean upon God’s welcome.

There is gladness for my coming.

There is comfort for my pain.

I lean, and lean, and lean

upon  this heart that hurts with me.

Strength lifts the weight of my distress.

Courage wraps around my troubles.

No miracle of instant recovery.

No taking away of life’s burdens.

Yet, there is a solace in my soul,

and refuge for my exiled tears.

It is enough for me to know

The heart of God is with me,

full of mercy and compassion,

 tending to the wounds I bear.

~Joyce Rupp