Meditation : In Difficult Times


Consoling God,

be a source of serenity for me

when struggles and difficulties

threaten to overwhelm me.

God of hope,

assure me of Your unconditional love

when I doubt myself

or question the worth of my life.

Truth-bringing God,

encourage me to embrace you

during those times when I get lost

in the lies of my weakness.

Compassionate God,

hold me to Your heart

when I feel helpless

in the face of the world’s pain.

Light-filled God,

keep me ever close to You

during those moments

when bleakness surrounds my life.

Comforting God,

shelter me under Your wings

when I am engulfed in sadness

and overcome with distress.

God of peace,

You are the center of my life,

a strong refuge of peace

in the whirlwind of my pain.

I look to You for strength

and a constant assurance of hope.

~Joyce Rupp