Meditation : Focusing On A Different Perfect


There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love.

In this day and age, the pressure to achieve perfection can be oppressive. We battle with expectations – often self-imposed – of how we feel we “should” live our lives. We bombard ourselves with these: We need to be better wives/husbands/parents/children. We need to excel at work. We need to make perfect, healthy dinners with vegetables and quinoa and other healthy foods we can’t pronounce. We need to make our house nicer, lose 15 pounds, exercise more, get angry less, find more “me” time, and the list goes on.


All of this to move us nearer to some type of sought-perfection in our less-than-perfect human existence.


Many times the intentions are good and individual goals laudable…but the pressure can be crushing. It is certainly compounded by this world of social media, where we see highlighted the very best versions of ourselves – smiling children, laughter-filled vacations with sunny skies, and filtered and cropped photos that disguise blemishes and embarrassing squishy parts.


It can be overwhelming and scary. Because what if we can’t do it? Or what if we can do it, but can’t sustain it? What if we fail? What if we just can’t seem to get “it” right…whatever it is? What if we will never be enough? That kind of pressure can be powerful and paralyzing and demoralizing.


What we need is a safe space. What we really, really need is that one place where we are perfect – where we don’t have to fear, because we are perfect


And we have it. Through the gift of our Lord Jesus, and our Heavenly Father and the healing breath of the Holy Spirit…We Have It!


God has for us a perfect love. He has made each of us intentionally us. We are formed in the image of God, and He loves us fully and completely. There is nothing to fear. When we open our hearts to this perfect love of our Lord God, our fears of failure and “less-than” and “not worthiness” just…fall away. They are gone. Meaningless. Irrelevant.


There are so many gifts we receive from our faith. And this scripture reminds us of a powerful one: Forget the pressures of who or what we are “supposed to be.” Instead, bask in God’s perfect love. Here’s the incredible thing: We will receive exactly what we need from this perfect love. It will fill us, lift us, carry us, and sustain us. I don’t really know how dating sites work, but I think I can make an educated guess. And if this were a dating site, God’s perfect love would be a complete match. If it were Amazon, it would have five gold stars – and, even better, the delivery is faster than next day! In fact, we can actually access this perfect love right now.


Let’s do it! Join me in basking in God’s perfect love. Cast out the fear, and worry, and feelings of insecurity, and pressure to be something different. Look it straight on and say, “Get out!” There’s no room for it if we are going to let in the perfect love. There is no room for both. So, which one would you rather have?


Forget trying to be “perfect” in our human world. Instead, this Lenten season and beyond, let’s focus on a different perfect. Let’s focus on the perfect love our Lord has for us. Let us be thankful for this perfect love. Because we are enough. We are loved beyond love. We are perfect.