Meditation : Divine Love


Divine love is always with us and in us. It breaches life’s agonies and ecstasies: it brings deep peace that sustains us in times of chaos; it provides the courage that keeps us going in times of suffering; it is the lasting joy and enduring bond of all human love. Love can be suppressed by our fears of losing ourselves, our status, our time, our dignity, and our self-proclaimed righteousness. Risky as it feels, we can only know Love’s presence if we let go and give ourselves away into Love’s infinite, eternal stream.  Christ knows that if we do not abide by the Commandment: “to love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength and that You shall love your neighbor as yourself”, then we will be living at odds with our life’s deepest dynamic.

Mysterious God of love, you never stop looking for ways to break through in our lives. Make us responsive to Your love, so that knowing how loved we are, we may offer that same love to everyone we encounter. We pray with such gratitude for you. Amen.