Meditation : Containers Of Divine Love

God of affection, devotion, passion, tenderness and all forms of love, this day we thank you for the myriad ways that we have been given a touch of your goodness.


We thank you for :

— love that draws us to friendship and fidelity,

— love that leads us to kindness and compassion,

— love that stirs in our flesh and dances in our bones,

— love that lures us toward the sacred and serene,

— love that calls us to new vision and growth,

— love that soothes our heartaches and gentles our pain,

— love that sees worth in every human being,

— love that believes in us and whispers in hope,

— love that sings in the seasons and sighs in the wind,

— love that taps on the door of forgiveness,

— love that longs for peace among all humankind,

— love that surprises and fills us with awe,

— love that sings praise for the face of earth’s beauty

— love that that offers the hand of warm welcome,

— love that respects those that won’t come too near,

— love that urges us to take risks and have courage,

— love that goes out to those from afar,

— love that embraces the shadow in us

— love that sheds the old skin and welcomes the new,

— love that ripens our souls for the final journey home.


Source of love, we offer thanks for how you are abiding in all of these forms of love.  You, as the One Great Heart , hold us in the tenderness of your love.