Visitors to our church often have questions about who we are and what we believe, especially when they come from other Christian faiths and traditions. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions along with their answers. If your questions are  not answered on this page, please contact us or see our Rector after a Sunday service and he will gladly assist.

I’m not Episcopalian. Can I come to your church?

Yes! All are welcome.

I have small children. Can we attend services?

By all means. Christ Church is family-friendly, with a dedicated and vibrant youth ministry. Your young children may either remain with you during the 10:30 service or they may join with other children under the age of six in an educational program we call “Godly Play.” There is nursery care as well between the hours of 9:30am – 12:00noon.  Christian Education (Sunday school for all ages) will be in recess during the summer months and will resume in September.

How are you different from a Roman Catholic Church?

There are theological differences between the two churches – some subtle, some not-so-subtle. There are several key differences, though: The Pope is not the head of the Episcopal Church, although we recognize him as the head bishop of another branch of the Christian Church. In the Episcopal Church, women, as well as men, can be deacons, priests and bishops, and priests can also be married. Also, all baptized persons are welcome to take communion in Episcopal churches, not just Episcopalians.

Can Episcopalians believe whatever they want?

As the Church of England (which is the mother church of the Episcopal Church) developed in the 16th century under the crown of Queen Elizabeth, it was conceived as the “middle way” between Catholicism and the Protestant Reformation that was sweeping Europe. And so, the Episcopal Church traditionally has been a place where many points of view – and many questions – are welcomed as part of the life of faith. The foundations of our faith are based on what we call the “three-legged stool”: Scripture, Tradition and Reason.

What if I have other questions?

If you have questions or wish to know more about us, take the opportunity to contact us or speak with our Rector following a service.